Microsoft is refining with a new design and intelligent features

August 8, 2017

Microsoft is launching a new beta program for today. The company will be testing a new and smarter Outlook on the web as part of the beta program, and users will be able to get a sneak peek at the next-generation of by joining the beta.

The main change in the new is obviously the design. Microsoft has substantially tweaked the design of the web app for Outlook which makes things look a lot more modern and cleaner. The web app noticeably looks a lot like the Outlook Mail app in Windows 10 now, and it’ll apparently make it easier for users to read conversations and view the attached files.

Microsoft is also upgrading the search feature built right into, which will likely offer a similar experience that was introduced on its mobile apps last month. The new features a Quick Suggestions feature that will help users with things like information about local restaurants, flight details, game schedules, and more when writing an email.

Microsoft’s new beta is only going to be available to some users at the moment. Microsoft will start showing a “Try the beta” toggle which will allow users to try out the new experience, but the toggle won’t be available to all users right off the bat.

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