Microsoft appoints Qualcomm’s Dr. Yang Hou as Chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China



Microsoft China CEO

Microsoft today announced that it has appointed Dr. Yang Hou as Chairman and CEO of Microsoft Greater China. In this role, Yang will be responsible for Microsoft’s strategy, sales and marketing operations in Greater China. Prior to joining Microsoft, Yang was at Qualcomm for 8 years.

“Hou Yang is a successful, innovative and transformative business leader with vision in building eco-partners in the technology industry and strategic insights into the local market,” says Ahmed Mazhari, President of Microsoft Asia. As an enterprising business leader, Hou Yang has unique and successful experience in business operations, product optimization, sales, and partner-customer relationships. At the same time, he is good at driving significant business growth through a balance of strategic thinking and efficient execution. We are delighted to see such an outstanding leader in Greater China join us. We believe that Microsoft Greater China will seize the opportunity of high growth in the future and continue to grow. ”

Source: Microsoft

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