Microsoft partnering with Qualcomm to improve AI and ML developer experience

Microsoft Qualcomm

Microsoft yesterday announced that it is working with Qualcomm to improve AI and machine learning developer experience. This improvement will allow organizations to easily develop and deploy Microsoft Azure and AI solutions with Qualcomm IoT processors and AI inferencing products.

Keith Kressin, Senior President and General Manager, Compute and Cloud, Qualcomm Technologies said, “5G and AI are the two key technologies today fueling the convergence of the cloud and devices at the edge of networks. Collaborating with Microsoft to accelerate AI across a wide breadth of connected devices from the edge to the cloud, with our platform that runs single-milliwatt to Snapdragon to the Qualcomm Cloud AI 100, will enable a variety of powerful new applications and services.”

Microsoft Azure Edge Devices team said the following regarding the new partnership with Qualcomm.

“Qualcomm Technologies’ position in the mobile ecosystem enables them to drive hardware-accelerated inference capabilities from ultra-low power edge AI solutions all the way to high-performance AI inferencing in the cloud using the Qualcomm Cloud AI 100, leveraging 5G deployments with commercial customers. This makes them an excellent company to team up with for our new, polished AI and ML developer experience.”

Source: Microsoft via: Neowin