Microsoft Q4 2020: Bing Search Business revenue plummets 18% due to COVID-19

by Surur
July 22, 2020

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Microsoft’s search engine revenue growth, which has already been slowing, has run into a brick wall due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Search advertising revenue excluding traffic acquisition costs decreased by 18% (down 17% in constant currency)  or $353 million, meaning the Bing Revenue was around $1,608 million, around the same size as the Surface division.

Search Revenue was negatively impacted by reductions in advertising spend due to the ongoing pandemic-related economic crisis.

The numbers dragged down the Performance of the More Personal Computing division, which still however overall saw $12.9 billion in sales, up 14%.

With the crisis still far from over we will have to see how long Microsoft can tolerate this poorly performing business.

See Microsoft’s full earnings results here.

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