Microsoft Pure, Turtle to come in GSM/CDMA versions


15, 2010

Author Surur // in News, Rumour

Conflipper, Windows Mobile driver hacker extraordinaire, has managed to get his hands on the firmware and the ‘Image updater’ for the Microsoft Pure phone.

Disassembling the software revealed quite a bit about the enigmatic series of devices.

Revealed was that:

  • ‘Turtle’ = GSM version; ‘Pride’ = CDMA
  • ‘Pure’ = GSM version; ‘Lion’ = CDMA
  • ‘Turtle’ = 320×240 resolution
  • ‘Pure’ = 480×320 resolution
  • Strong connection to Nvidia Tegra
  • Looks to be CE6
  • References to ‘PMX’ (“Premium Mobile Experiences”) throughout

He also concluded with "With reference to Silverlight and Visualizer feeds with a heavy background to social networking I don’t think these phone are all that "dumb".

As leaked last week, we did not see anything involving Microsoft’s Sidekick replacement at Mobile World Congress, suggesting we would need to wait till March for more information and confirmation.


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