Microsoft PromoteIQ will help retailers to dramatically increase revenue through vendor marketing

PromoteIQ is an automated product marketing platform for e-commerce that helps retailers and brands work together more effectively. Its client list include Kroger, Kohl’s, Office Depot, B&H Photo and Last year, Microsoft acquired PromoteIQ and announced that PromoteIQ will continue to support its retailer clients and their brand partners.

At the National Retail Federation (NRF) conference next week, Microsoft will reveal Microsoft PromoteIQ, the rebranded version of PromoteIQ. Retailers around the world can use Microsoft PromoteIQ to increase revenue from their digital vendor marketing programs, while remaining in control of monetization and engaging brand partners. Read about the capabilities of Microsoft PromoteIQ below:

  • Microsoft PromoteIQ helps make it easy by delivering an end-to-end commerce marketing platform with enterprise-grade capabilities to manage and scale vendor-funded digital marketing — whether on-site or off-site.
  • Microsoft PromoteIQ platform includes an extensive analytics suite to deliver audience insights and help brands understand incremental sales lift.
  • Microsoft PromoteIQ also includes integration with Microsoft Advertising, which opens up a powerful new source of incremental demand for retailers.
  • With Microsoft PromoteIQ, a retailer remains fully in control and is finally able to turn commerce marketing into an essential growth engine for their business, funding new capabilities and innovations while strengthening their partnership with vendors and brands.

Source: Microsoft