Microsoft release 3D video showing off Project Natick, their under-water data centre

by Surur
April 30, 2021

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Microsoft’s cloud business continues to expand, and the company is seriously considering submerging their next generation of data centres in the ocean in a plan Microsoft calls Project Natick.

Microsoft says that an undersea data centre is a more sustainable approach that actually improves the performance and reliability of the data centre when compared to land. Deploying datacenters along the coast has a significant advantage, data speeds. Since most of the world’s population lives within about 120 miles of the coast, data needs to travel less distance to reach coastal people. It also takes advantage of the free cooling and renewable energy provided by the underwater location. The constant environment in the deep sea also results in an 8x improvement in reliability.

Microsoft has now released a 3D video showing off the project and some key facts related to it.

See that video below:

YouTube player

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