Microsoft Pride 2021 Edge themes now in the Microsoft Store

by Surur
May 31, 2021

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Pride month is nearly upon us, and to celebrate the lives of people whose gender and sexual orientation have traditionally been a source of discrimination by society, Microsoft has released a set of Microsoft Pride themes for their Edge browser.

The list includes:

Pride – Demisexual-demisexual
Pride – Progress Pride
Pride – Asexual
Pride – Bigender
Pride – Bisexual
Pride – Agender
Pride – Pansexual
Pride – Abrosexual
Pride – Genderfluid
Pride – Genderflux
Pride – Transgender
Pride – Polysexual
Pride – Genderqueer
Pride – Nonbinary

Of course, it takes more than releasing a few themes to make up for years of inequity. Microsoft is also donating $250,000 to LGBTQI+ and racial equity nonprofits, has attained a 100 score on HRC Corporate Equality Index for the last 15 years, are taking part in a virtual pride parade and much more. Read more about their efforts here.

via Alumia

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