Microsoft presents new ‘OneDrive Home’ in celebration of service’s 15th anniversary

August 10, 2022

Microsoft is celebrating the 15th anniversary of OneDrive by introducing new things to the cloud service. One of these most notable changes is the new “OneDrive Home” that should make it easier for you to manage your files and access the tools for collaboration.

OneDrive Home
OneDrive Home

The OneDrive Home organizes files according to your recent activities and will allow you to filter the file types for easier search. The default shows you all kinds of files, but there are buttons for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF files, so you can choose what types of files you only want to see. Add to that, the left navigation of OneDrive Home has a new “Quick Access” section, allowing you to pin document libraries.

On the other hand, to make it easier to view the latest details added or changed by others who have access to the files, OneDrive Home also shows a new “Activity” column. As the name implies, it will show you the recent activities within the file, such as edits, assigned tasks, mentions, replies, comments, or even when the file is shared with others. Likewise, the new column will appear in the My files view.

Despite the OneDrive Home announcement, Microsoft clarified that it is still not released to the public. “OneDrive Home will be available in the coming months,” said Microsoft. “This new landing experience on OneDrive for web will roll out to OneDrive for work and school users.”

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