Microsoft today released PowerToys v0.37.2. The stability update brings fixes for crashes discovered in testing, including one which would cause Explorer to restart.

PowerToys v0.37.2 brings:

  • #11068 – Power Rename freezes & resets explorer.exe after latest update
  • #11162 – Event handle leak in PowerToys.KeyboardManagerEngine.exe

The full version 0.37.0 changelog reads:


  • Editor UX bug fixes.
  • Monitor resolution is added to the top to directly infer the boxes on top are your monitors
  • Fix for editor crash when editing a custom layout


  • Option added for capitalization.
  • Improved loading responsiveness with large sums of files.

PowerToys Run

  • Changed XAML to improve rendering.
  • Disabled plugins are no longer loaded
  • VS Code plugin workspaces showing up now.

Keyboard manager

  • Now an independent exe. This now runs high priority in its own process. When your CPU is under load, this should allow the process to continue to be prioritized

Color Picker

  • uses a centralized keyhook. This should improve activation
  • Esc for closing will no longer bubble through.

Settings / Welcome to PowerToys

  • Shortcuts will stand out more
  • Few accessability bugs fixed.

Shortcut Guide

Excluded apps for Shortcut Guide.


  • new arg for starting PT after silent install

Developer quality of life

  • Ability to directly debug against Settings

Find the utility at Microsoft here.

via Neowin