Microsoft Power BI now supports cool-looking ZoomCharts in reports and dashboards.


17, 2017

ZoomCharts enables you to create interactive charts. With a simple click, touch, pinch or swipe, data can be analyzed and presented in a whole new way on any device. This approach saves time on report generation, presentation and answer seeking, turning data exploration into an engaging experience. Microsoft yesterday announced that all Power BI users can now start using ZoomCharts in reports and dashboards. ZoomCharts has created the following three custom-visuals for Microsoft Power BI users:

  • Drill-down donut chart: Designed for exploring multi-level data in depth and across the level of interest.
  • Drill-down column/line/area chart for category-based data: Designed for exploration and presentation of category-based data.
  • Drill-down column/line/area chart for time-based data: Designed for exploration and presentation of time-based data.

You can check out a sample report here.

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