It was recently the 7th anniversary of the Windows Insider Programme, a date which coincided pretty closely with the launch of Windows 11.

More than 1 million Windows Insiders took part in testing the operating system, and today Microsoft posted a video thanking them for their contribution.

Professing to love the somewhat raucous group, Microsoft notes:

It’s been a journey building Windows 11. Thank you Windows Insiders for your energy and enthusiasm that helped create a new Windows experience that brings you closer to what you love, empowering productivity and inspiring creativity.

The group of power users are of course essential for testing Microsoft’s ideas or plans, and we saw a good response to feedback regarding the new taskbar for example.

We are however still in the honeymoon period where Windows 11 has just been released, and the biggest unfixed bugs (which had nevertheless been picked up by Insider) have yet to rear their head. Hopefully, Insiders will feel equally appreciated in a month or two.