Microsoft plans to skip bundling basic printer drivers starting Windows 10 version 1809

Microsoft has been having issues with the Windows 10 version 1809 for a while and did force the company to pull back the update. While the company is trying to sort out those issues, it looks like they might have found a potential solution to one of the most common issues- the download size.

Microsoft recently disclosed that they are working on a slimmed download version of Window 10 for Enterprise users but looks like the company is also working on a solution for the home consumers. In a blog post, Microsoft disclosed that they will no longer bundle the basic printer drivers and that users can download them via Windows Update later. Microsoft said this step is taken to decrease the Windows 10 download size which right now goes up to 4 GB.

Microsoft also said that in case you’re not connected to the internet or can’t access Windows Update, the company will install Mopria-compatible printers. For those who don’t know,┬áMopria is “a set of standards” that provide for a “universal print driver”. The idea, originally designed to support Android devices, is to allow mobile devices to convert print data to the “appropriate file type required by the printer.”

This is another step taken by Microsoft to ensure that the Windows feature update download sizes are reduced to a minimum. This will allow the end users to save bandwidth while downloading the update.

Source: Microsoft; Via: Redmond Mag

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