Microsoft plans to launch low-cost Surface tablets to compete with iPads

Microsoft might be planning to launch low-cost Surface Tablets to take on Apple iPads. According to the sources, Microsoft is planning to target the sub $500 market which is currently dominated by Apple iPads.

This won’t be the first time Microsoft tried to sell low-cost Surface Tablets (remember Surface RT?) but it looks like the company has a better strategy in place this time. The new Surface Tablets will have a 10-inch display and will feature USB-C connections. They will also be 20% lighter than the current Surface lineup and will have rounded edges like iPads. Microsoft is planning price them around $400 and will be available in later half of 2018.

Microsoft isn’t seeing good sales number for the current Surface lineup but that’s because of the premium pricing. However, if executed correctly, Microsoft might be able to hit a sweet spot with the upcoming Surface Tablets and might as well give Apple a run for its money.

Via: Fast Company