Microsoft plans to add a solar panel to the Surface Kickstand

Microsoft has a pretty good kickstand for Surface Pro and is one of the more noticeable features of the device. However, Microsoft might be considering to improve it further by going the green route.

A patent (via WindowsUnited) titled “Mobile device cover with integrated solar panel” was filed by Microsoft back in 2018 and was published by the WIPO on 7th January 2020. The patent talks about the idea of putting solar panels on the back of the kickstand to provide constant power to the device on the go.

A cover for a mobile device includes solar panels and an integrated keyboard. The solar panels are positioned on a stand of the cover and an angle associated with the solar panels can be changed so as to maximize input from a light source. The cover can be used to supply power and keyboard input to a mobile device while in use.

– Microsoft

The patent explores a great idea that hasn’t been explored in the past. While putting a solar panel on the kickstand is a great idea, there are still many challenges that Microsoft needs to overcome in order to make this a reality.