Microsoft picks up two new HoloLens distributors in Europe

Microsoft has announced two new distributors for their HoloLens Mixed Reality headset in Europe.

Econocom and Bechtle are French and German companies respectively and will use their expertise and widespread networks bring the HoloLens to more corporate customers in the European market.

Michael Zawrel, Senior Product Manager Mixed Reality & HoloLens at Microsoft Germany states that “Since Microsoft HoloLens came onto the market last year, we have been experiencing a continuously high demand from companies. By cooperating with Bechtle, we are taking this development into account and making it even easier for companies to benefit from the advantages of Mixed Reality technology.”

Bechtle will also offer interested corporate customers additional services around Microsoft HoloLens as part of its “Mixed Reality as a Service” (MRaaS) offering. Companies will be able to rent or lease the device for testing purposes, among other things. The company’s own partner HCV Data also provides additional services, such as workshops for beginners or individually tailored project solutions, from concept development to implementation.

“Microsoft HoloLens offers companies new ways to exploit the potential of progressive digitalization”, says Andreas Ebing, Head of New Business Development at HCV Data Management GmbH.

“Linking the real world to digital information enables more effective workflows in all departments – whether in sales, marketing, product development, customer service or maintenance. Together with Microsoft, we’ll show how companies use the new technology to the best of their ability.”

Econocom will offer companies turnkey solutions and will make the device more affordable by offer financing solutions such as subscriptions or pay-per-use.

The HoloLens was previously only available via the Microsoft Store in Europe, and expanding the distribution network and offering financing options will likely significantly boost adoption.

“Mixed reality is still in its early stages but already it’s poised to revolutionise a number of uses in the professional world. Joining forces with Microsoft, who are precursors of this technology, will enable us to help our clients keep right up to date with these new uses,” said Bruno Grossi, Executive Director of Econocom Group.

Source: Microsoft