The latest Microsoft Photos update is insanely good: Background blur, content and location search, and more

September 14, 2023

The latest Microsoft Photos update is finally rolling out for Dev & Canary channel insiders. Honestly? It looks really promising. 

Speaking in a new blog post, Microsoft says that the update will let you blur the background of your photos with a single click. You can simply open a photo in Edit mode and select the Background Blur option.

The best part is, this background blur feature is even better because you can adjust its intensity or use a brush to modify the areas being blurred.

Photo background is blurred.

Microsoft’s popular cloud storage service, OneDrive (which already is getting an AI addition soon, by the way), is also getting a new feature that has been available on rival devices for some time. 

As you can see, this feature, which is even available in the default Photos app on iPhones, allows you to quickly find photos based on the content of the photo. You can also search based on locations, too.

However, this feature is currently limited to OneDrive-backed photos in the Photos app.

Besides all these features, and of course, small fixes and performance enhancements, the Microsoft Photos app now supports Motion Photos captured on Samsung and Google devices. 

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