Microsoft Photos app updated with new graphic layout and more

by Rahul
July 18, 2019

Microsoft updated its Photos app for Windows 10. The update has introduced s set of new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

Taking the app to version 2019.19061.14540.0., the update introduces a new graphic layout. Also, the Photos app will now let you create a local backup copy of your for your video every video project you make. You can see the changelog below.

  • New graphic layout for the app – The entire app uses a new graphic layout for the upper part, which is now a solid color and no longer uses transparency.
    • The sections above remain the same, but are reordered: Collection, Album, Contacts and Folders remain on the left, while Video Projects is separated from the other items.
    • The smart search bar is brought next to the app section names and is slightly narrower than before.
    • The controls for the storyboard elements of the video projects have all been aligned to the right.
  • Web switcher account – The switcher account already present on Microsoft websites is now used.Microsoft Photos on Windows 10 account switcher
  • Create project backup – For each video project you can create a local backup copy, which you can import into the Photos app.Microsoft Photos on Windows 10 backup video projects
  • Add-on media engine Photos – This add-on will be downloaded automatically with the installation of the latest version of the Photos app.Supplementary engine photo component
  • The entire app has been speeded up and the performance has been increased.
  • Bug fixes and various improvements.

It’s worth noting that the new update is available to users only on the Skip Ahead ring.

You can download/update Microsoft photos app from the below link.

Microsoft Fotos
Microsoft Fotos
Price: Free

via: WBI

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