Microsoft Partners With Polar To Show The Power Of The Companion Web

The Companion Web | Internet Explorer

Microsoft today revealed their latest project they partnered with Polar to showcase the power of Companion Web. If you are wondering what Companion Web is, here is the explanation from Microsoft.

Companion Web is all about a world where experiences move seamlessly across the multiple screens around us – our tablets, phones, computers, and televisions

Microsoft is expecting that the Companion Web enables the internet to bridge the gap between various devices across the platforms. For developers, Companion Web represents an opportunity to reuse code that works across multiple scenarios, enabling greater reach and ways to engage an audience.

Today, our friends at Polar launched their Companion Web experience. What’s unique about how Polar used the Companion Web is that it allows their site to complement what you’re watching on the big screen. In particular, it demonstrates the potential of the Companion Web in that it not only looks good on different sized screens – smartphones, tablets, computers, and televisions – but also works great with different kinds of input – touch, mouse, and keyboard. You can leave it up alongside a film, TV show, or video and keep up with new opinions and questions as they appear in real-time, or use any device with a web browser to control what’s on display. When you scroll, vote, or switch topics with your device, the big screen experience immediately responds to your actions.

Read more about this project from the link below.

Companion Web: Polar - Have Fun Collecting And Sharing Opinions

Source: Windows Blog