Microsoft and Nike have partnered to release a gorgeous custom console and sneakers combo for certain influencers.

Revealed through videos posted to social media by people who’ve received this impressive bundle of goodies, the Microsoft-Nike partnership has delivered one of the sleekest custom Xbox’s yet.

Inside the beautiful red box packaging, Xbox and Nike have created some awesome-looking dark-red Xbox One X with two matching controllers. Of course, the Nike partnership hasn’t just resulted in a gorgeous console; the promotional package also comes with a pair of sneakers.

Xbox has said that the official announcement regarding this partnership will be coming today. Maybe the console will be available for everyday consumers, maybe just the sneakers will be.

Xbox is no stranger to custom consoles. From partnerships with Legendary for Godzilla: King of the Monsters culminating in an impressively chunky collection of consoles to more subdued collections, Microsoft’s partnerships are often promotional.

However, with Xbox getting seemingly more invested in the fashion world, we should expect to see more collaborations like this in the future.