Microsoft Outlook Play My Emails feature now available in more languages

March 20, 2023
Outlook play my emails

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Microsoft introduced the Play My Emails feature to Outlook four years ago, in 2019. It debuted on the Outlook app for iOS and then rolled out to Android users a year later. Play My Emails was also available in the English language when it first launched, but the software giant is now adding support for more languages so that more people can use it.

Microsoft recently added support for two languages, French and Spanish, for the Play My Emails capability in Outlook. That takes the number of languages the Play My Emails support to four, which include English (United States, Canada, Australia, India, and Great Britain), Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Spain and Mexico), and French (France and Canada). It is still a tiny set of languages, but the addition of French and Spanish is progress, nonetheless.

For those who do not know, Play My Emails helps you listen to the read-out of new emails and upcoming events. You can work on other things while listening to new email messages. Apart from that, you can use your voice to reply quickly to emails. Additionally, you can also use your voice to “delete” or “Mark as read” new emails. Overall, Play My Emails can help you be more productive.

The Play My Emails feature can be found on the Settings page of the Microsoft Outlook mobile app on Android and iOS. The Play icon can be found in the Outlook side menu of the app. Select the Play icon, and you will start listening to the read-out of new emails and upcoming events. You can also play conversations in Outlook mobile in multiple languages, including Spanish and French.

As noted in the official Microsoft blog post, to use Play My Emails, you must be running Outlook for iOS or Android and need an Office 365 work account, an Outlook account, or a Gmail account signed in to Outlook mobile.

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