Microsoft Outlook has more than 100 million users on iOS and Android

by Surur
April 24, 2019

Microsoft never sold more than 100 million Windows Phones, but it appears due to their cross-platform efforts they have now managed to get their key software on more than 100 million handsets.

Microsoft communication lead Frank X Shaw has live tweeted Microsoft’s FY19 Q3 webcast, and has confirmed that for the first time, Microsoft has more than 100 million Outlook app users on iOS and Android.

Microsoft acquired Acompli, the company who created the foundation app for the Outlook app on iOS and Android, in 2014, and to the surprise of many managed to continue to grow the applications user base, despite stiff competition from the default apps on phones and the Gmail app.

Microsoft has been using their mobile apps a s a trojan horse for introducing elements such as Cortana and Edge, and with that a whole range of Android application which builds Microsoft’s raft on Google’s platform. As Shaw’s tweet suggests, Microsoft’s strategy may pay off after all.

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