Microsoft Outlook for iOS gets updated with new feature


4, 2023

Microsoft has updated the Outlook app on iOS with a new feature to help users find links. Taking the app to version 4.2316.0, the latest Outlook update for iOS now shows you links to internal or external websites published by your organization.

Microsoft has also explained how the feature will work. For example, if you search with a keyword on the Outlook iOS app, it will look for whether the specific keyword matches any link to website pages published by your organization. If it matches, you will see the link to that page at the top of the search results. You can read the complete official change to learn more about the new functionality.


Outlook for iOS

In other Outlook news, Microsoft is working on ICS support for the new Outlook app for Windows. This will allow users to view local ICS files and import them to their Outlook calendar. The feature is expected to arrive in October this year.

You can download and install Microsoft Outlook on your iOS device from the below link, or you can head over to App Store and search for the app.

‎Microsoft Outlook
‎Microsoft Outlook
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