Microsoft Outlook extension for Chrome browser now available

by Surur
October 18, 2021
Microsoft Outlook Add-on

For months after releasing their new Outlook add-on for Microsoft Edge browser, Microsoft has released the same extension for Chrome.

The add-on lets you send and receive email, manage your calendar, tasks, and more without opening a new tab. For example, you can check your contact’s phone number without switching tabs or apps. You can download this add-on for free from the Chrome Web Store.

Microsoft Outlook add-on features:

  • Access work or personal accounts
  • Read, send, and manage email and get notifications
  • Create events, view upcoming ones, and join online meetings
  • Create, track, and manage tasks
  • Add and view contacts

You can download the Outlook add-on for Edge here from Microsoft and for the Chrome Web Store here.

via Leo Varela

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