Microsoft opens up Windows Hello Companion Device Framework to 3rd party OEMs and developers


We recently reported about the Windows Hello Companion Device Framework. A companion device is a device that can act in conjunction with your Windows 10 desktop to enhance the user authentication experience.

With the Companion Device Framework, Windows developers can build rich unlock experiences and provide a better experience for the user — for example:

  • Attach their companion device to PC via USB, touch the button on the companion device, and automatically unlock their PC.
  • Carry a phone in their pocket that is already paired with PC over Bluetooth. Upon hitting the spacebar on their PC, their phone receives a notification. Approve it and the PC simply unlocks.
  • Tap their companion device to an NFC reader to quickly unlock their PC.
  • Wear a fitness band that has already authenticated the wearer. Upon approaching PC, and by performing a special gesture (like clapping), the PC unlocks.

Microsoft is now opening up the Companion Device Framework to other OEMs as well. Soon, we will be seeing many Windows companion devices with support for Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello in the market.

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