Microsoft opens new quantum research lab in Netherlands



Microsoft has recently opened a new quantum research laboratory at the Delft University of Technology in Netherlands. The Microsoft Quantum Lab Delft was opened by King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands. Microsoft will work with QuTech to research the building blocks for a quantum computer.

“With the opening of this Lab, we see what is possible when business, science, and the government unite. Together, we have built a world-class laboratory in Delft which will enable us to expedite development of a revolutionary quantum computer. The Netherlands now has the necessary ingredients to develop the type of compute power that could drastically change humankind’s daily lives – from personalised medication, to the development of new renewable energy sources,” said Leo Kouwenhoven, Scientific Director of Microsoft Quantum Lab Delft.

Last year, Microsoft announced the opening new Quantum Materials Laboratory in Copenhagen, Denmark. This lab is critical to Microsoft’s vision for creating a working quantum computer as the topological qubit development will be done there.

Source: Microsoft

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