Microsoft announces support for Open Web Docs, a project to improve web platform technology documentation

January 25, 2021
Microsoft Open Web Docs

Microsoft Open Web Docs

Microsoft today announced support for Open Web Docs, a collective project designed to support a community of technical writers for long-term maintenance of web platform technology documentation that is high-quality and browser-agnostic. Open Web Docs is not a new docs platform, instead it will work closely together with existing platforms including MDN Web Docs. Microsoft is joining Coil and Google as a founding sponsor of Open Web Docs alongside additional support from Mozilla, Samsung, the W3C, and several other individual contributors.

Open Web Docs launches today, with further roadmap details coming soon. The collective’s initial goals are focused on supporting MDN’s recent infrastructure transition and contributing to core web technology documentation, browser compatibility data, and JavaScript documentation on MDN Web Docs.

Source: Microsoft

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