Microsoft Open Sources Office Open XML SDK On GitHub

Microsoft OpenXML SDK

Microsoft today announced a great news for Office developers. They are open sourcing the Open XML SDK on GitHub. Microsoft is looking forward to work with community to make improvements to the SDK’s functionality and scalability. Microsoft also highlighted that they will explore new platforms and technologies to support developer platforms such as Mono, an open source implementation of .NET Framework.

 It’s been over seven years since we released the initial preview of the Open XML SDK, and over that time it’s been one of the key tools developers have used for building solutions that consume, create, and modify Office documents.

The Open XML SDK is a key piece of our overall developer platform. The trends around mobile apps connected to the cloud have expanded the role that Office documents can play in solutions. Many of our Fortune 100 customers have built solutions leveraging the SDK, especially in the banking and health care sectors. We average over 10,000 downloads a month, and the SDK is also widely distributed in other software packages, such as accounting tools.

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