Microsoft open sources Fluid Framework to attract more developers


19, 2020

Microsoft first announced Fluid Framework at Build 2019. Later at Ignite 2019, Microsoft announced the public preview of Fluid Framework for end-users and developers. Early this year, Microsoft announced the public preview of Fluid Framework for all Office 365 enterprise users worldwide.

At Build 2020, Microsoft today announced that it is open sourcing the Fluid Framework to attract more developers. Microsoft is also releasing developer documentation and tooling for Fluid Framework.

Fluid Framework will be available to the public and open on GitHub for any developer to provide feedback, issues and pull requests.

Developers can take advantage of JavaScript APIs that give them access to highly collaborative, shared data structures which can be used to power collaborative experiences. They also can create Fluid components — elements that can be reused within Microsoft 365 and across applications.

Source: Microsoft

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