Microsoft OneDrive finally allows you to buy additional storage beyond 1TB

June 25, 2019

Every Office 365 subscription comes with 1 TB of OneDrive storage. Several users have been asking Microsoft to offer a way to buy even more storage. Microsoft has finally listened! Today, Microsoft announced OneDrive additional storage, allowing you to add more storage to your existing Office 365 subscription. There are some limitations though. You can only add storage in 200 GB increments and it will cost you $1.99 per month, going up to 1 TB of additional storage for $9.99 per month. You can increase, decrease, or cancel your additional storage plan anytime.

OneDrive additional storage is not available today, but it will be available in the coming months. Microsoft today also announced that it is increasing the amount of storage in the OneDrive standalone plan from 50 GB to 100 GB for the same $1.99 per month. If you are currently using 50 GB plan, you’ll get 50 GB more storage added to your account for free.

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