Microsoft once again insist they are they 3rd ecosystem with 6x faster growth, suggests Nokia will hit its 27% Q2 target

Windows Phone growing 6x faster than overall smartphone market

We posted earlier that Windows CMO/CFO Tami Reller revealed Windows Phone was growing 6x faster than the general market.

Now we have the video, during which Tami confirms that Windows Phone is certainly the 3rd ecosystem.

Last quarter the market grew 43% YoY, and Nokia predicted they would grow 27% in Q2 2013 sequentially, after shipping 5.6 million Lumias. The smartphone market is expected to have slowed down considerably in Q2 2013, but with 6 times bigger growth it still leaves plenty of space for Nokia and Windows Phone to grow more than 27%.

Could Q2 2013 be Windows Phone’s first 10 million quarter? Let us know below.