Microsoft officially announces major reorganization for its sales team internally

Microsoft was recently rumored to be reorganizing its sales department. Today, Microsoft made it official, internally: the company’s sales team is indeed being reorganized. The reorganization is quite significant, although it still isn’t confirmed whether the company is actually laying off some of its employees. Microsoft is reportedly cutting thousands of jobs as part of the reorganization, although there isn’t a single mention of the layoffs in the internal memo. The reorganization is focused on Microsoft’s digital transformation message, which a lot of its executives have been talking about at public events lately.

Microsoft executives said in an internal statement obtained by GeekWire:

“There is an enormous $4.5 trillion market opportunity across our Commercial and Consumer businesses. We are uniquely positioned to drive our customers’ and partners’ success by leading them through their digital transformations, and becoming their partner of choice. To help us do that, starting today, we begin to implement changes to our Commercial and Consumer models. These changes will position us to best meet the evolving needs of our customers and partners, and empower them to achieve more.”

The changes to Microsoft’s Commercial and Consumer models mentioned in the memo are shaped on the “growth drivers” listed below:

  • Empower commercial and consumer customers and partners to digitally transform.
  • Build solutions effectively with customers and partners.
  • Align our selling and partnering efforts by industry for greater digital impact
  • Increase our technical depth and better align sales and services to solution areas
  • Increase our focus on customer success, both directly and through partners
  • Scale our breadth motions to provide greater support for small, medium and corporate customers

As part of the changes, Microsoft is simplifying its Commercial and Consumer models by splitting it up into two different segments: Enterprise, and SMC (Small, Medium, and Corporate) customers. Microsoft is forming a new Enterprise Operating Unit will reportedly work with the company’s One Commercial Partner, Marketing and Operations, Enterprise Services, and Commercial Software Engineering teams, reports ZDNet. For its enterprise business, Microsoft will focus on a total of six industries, including Manufacturing, Financial Services, Retail, Health, Education, and Government.

While these changes are quite significant, they likely won’t have any impact on consumers or the company’s consumer businesses anytime soon. So there isn’t much to worry about if you’re a consumer — for now, anyway.

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