Microsoft offers new options when installing PWAs on Windows 10

Microsoft is on a mission to make progressive web apps (PWAs) indistinguishable from regular native applications, and their latest improvement is to offer more capabilities and choices to Windows 10 users when they install web apps.

pwa options

Florian B noticed that, on the latest Windows 10 Insider builds, when users installed a PWA they will be asked if they wish to allow the app to create a shortcut in the start menu, taskbar, desktop and allow the app to automatically launch on your PC start-up.

These more or less match the typical choices offered to Windows users for regular apps.

Microsoft is working with Google to allow PWAs to modify their title bar and is believed to be working on turning the Outlook desktop app into a PWA. More apps are converting into PWAs at present, with the latest being the official Instagram app for Windows 10.

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