Microsoft offers free educational VR content for all Windows Mixed Reality users

January 25, 2019

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Studies show that student engagement and retention increase as much as 35 percent when students use immersive and 3D technologies like VR headsets. So, Microsoft is partnering with VictoryVR to provide a library of VR STEM content to schools everywhere for free. Twenty-five volumes of VR curriculum created by nationally recognized teacher, Wendy Martin, will be available for free to all Windows Mixed Reality users.

The agreement between VictoryVR and Microsoft is sure to drive a renewed love of STEM learning and science in classrooms across the United States and the world. – Steve Grubbs is founder and CEO of VictoryVR

The free content will include:

  • 24 virtual field trips around the world
  • 48 virtual world learning lessons through comics, animations, movies and journeys
  • 24 lessons with Wendy, the Science Teacher
  • 24 interactive virtual activities that make learning come to life
  • 72 in-the-headset assessments
  • 24 teacher instruction guide sheets
  • 1 virtual frog dissection

Source: Microsoft

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