Microsoft now inviting schools to join the new Microsoft Schools Program

Microsoft is now inviting schools to join the Microsoft Schools program. If you are in a school starting to consider how to transform your education methods and integrate technology, join the Microsoft Schools program.

Microsoft Schools are focused on leading and learning. Schools which are working to consider how to transform education and integrate technology into their classrooms, building and lessons would benefit from joining the Microsoft Schools program. These schools may be just starting to explore Microsoft solutions, programs or devices in small ways but have signaled an intent to do more and be more.

By registering and joining the Microsoft Schools program, schools will receive the following benefits:

  • Global recognition by being placed on our Microsoft And Showcase School list (updated monthly)
  • Receive a quick start guide filled with assets and resources to support school leaders
  • Enroll into a global community of practice which reaches over 1,000 other school leaders via our social channel, Yammer, school leaders can
  • Receive a monthly e-newsletter with the best of Microsoft Teaching and Leading resources
  • Receive early updates (via our newsletter and social communities) on new products, offers and opportunities
  • Curate resources for leaders and leading educators available from the Microsoft Educator Community
  • Participate in quarterly global connect calls

You can register for this program here. Microsoft also has a similar program called Microsoft Showcase Schools program. It is a leadership-focused initiative to highlight innovative leading and teaching across globally recognized schools. As a Showcase School, leadership teams are part of a professional community that recognizes and amplifies the use of technology to drive transformation and efficiencies school-wide.

Learn more about it here.