Microsoft now allows you to mute news sources in Cortana (US Only)


Ever since the launch of Microsoft’s Cortana, Microsoft has been pushing Cortana as your one stop shop for weather, transit directions and a starting point for news.

However, due to design decisions made by the Cortana team, users were unable to banish certain sites  the content of which they may disagree with. Obviously that presents a problem, what kind of personal assistant would bring you news from publications they know you aren’ fond of? In the last build of Cortana pushed out via the Insider program (and for iOS and Android), Microsoft now allows US Cortana users to mute publications and stop them from showing in their homepage. As pictured in the screenshots below, tapping the ellipsis button exposes a new set of options, including one which allows users to mute sites like Fox News, The Daily Mail etc.

Unfortunately, the feature seems to be limited to USA devices only. My Lumia running the latest insider build was unable to view these options since my Cortana is configured for the UK, but an Android device runing the US version of Cortana was able to.

Are you happy with Cortana’s new filtration system? Let us know in the comments below.

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