Microsoft now allows you to easily create real-time polls in Outlook and

Microsoft today highlighted several new features that were added to Microsoft Forms service recently. Among the several new features, the one I liked the most is the new Quick Poll add-in for Outlook and Quick Poll add-in allows you to create an instant, real-time poll with a few clicks. When you are typing an email in Outlook, click the Forms Quick Poll add-in button to add questions and options. Email recipients can vote directly in the email or click on the link to vote in a browser window and you can check out the poll results directly in the voting card insider the email.

Other new features added to Forms:

  • BranchingBranching is now available in forms with sections. It provides more flexibility for Forms designers to manage their survey structures and responders can get more focused when filling out the survey with conditioning questions supported. This feature is now rolling out to Office 365 customers and will be completed in early August.
  • Theme recommendation: Theme brings delight to responders and designers. It makes forms very customized and relevant to the responder. Done right, it also helps to improve the response rate. The theme recommendation feature aims to provide a theme recommendation based on the user title input.
  •  From now on, users can also directly create a new quiz starting from

Source: Microsoft