Microsoft now allows an employee to take up to four weeks of fully paid leave to care for a family member


27, 2017

Microsoft today announced a new benefit for its employees in the US. The new Family caregiver leave will allow a Microsoft employee to take up to four weeks of fully paid leave to care for an immediate family member with a serious health condition. This benefit is already in 22 countries and now they are making it available to all U.S.-based employees. Microsoft also said that they will bring this benefit to the remaining countries over the coming months. This new benefit once again proves that Microsoft is always looking for ways to invest in their employees and make it an exceptional place to work.

“This important new benefit represents a significant milestone in our effort to build a culture of diversity and inclusion, and it demonstrates our deep commitment to employee wellbeing and care, and respect for the full career journey,” said Kathleen Hogan, EVP, Human Resources at Microsoft. “I’ve often said that life happens when you’re working. And it’s true. We will all face difficult times that bleed over into work—no one is immune. As a global employer, we know it’s up to us to continually evaluate the needs of our workforce and provide market-leading benefits and programs to support our employees—at work and at home,” she added.

Microsoft already offers the following health related benefits to its employees,

  • Medical and hospitalization. Industry-leading health coverage, more than many other companies offer.
  • Vision care. One annual eye exam and reimbursement for one pair of glasses or contacts per calendar year.
  • Dental care. Choose between a basic plan or a plan that covers more—including orthodontic services.
  • Physician house calls. Yes, that’s right. In the Seattle area, doctors can come to you, 24 hours a day.
  • 24-hour health line. Receive useful, easy-to-understand information 24×7 to help you make sound healthcare decisions.
  • Free on-campus health screenings and flu shots. Taking care of yourself is as easy as picking up lunch with our on-site Living Well Health Center.
  • And so much more, including life insurance, disability insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, group legal coverage, dependent and healthcare flexible spending accounts, weight management programs and office ergonomics support.

New birth mothers receive 8 weeks of paid maternity disability leave, and may also take short-term disability (STD) leave starting 2 weeks in advance of their scheduled due date. For births, adoptions, or foster placements parents will receive 12 weeks of fully paid parental leave to bond with their new family.

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