Microsoft now allows anyone to create a brand page on Bing

January 7, 2020

When you search for a popular brand or a person, Bing will display a beautiful search results page highlighting the official website, social media pages and sometimes even the recent social media activities. For example, when you search for Bill Gates on Bing, you will get a search results page like the below. Bing Pages is a new beta program that will allow you to create a similar search results pages for your own.

In addition to how you appear in Bing search results, Bing Pages program also allows you to manage how your profile will appear on other Microsoft products such Businesses can use this program to customize their Outlook profile with updated contact info, images, and content.

Bing Pages makes it easy for brands to manage their public personas on Microsoft products like Bing and Outlook.

Source: Bing

via: Arlo

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