Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7 on some older CPUs

June 25, 2018

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Microsoft is winding down its Windows  7 support, with each step bringing us closer to a complete cessation.

Earlier this year, Microsoft issued a Windows 7 security update in March which caused BSOD issues on PCs that ran CPUs like the Intel Pentium III (sold between 1999 and 2003). This was due to a lack of support for Streaming Single Instruction Multiple Data Extensions 2 (SSE2).

Microsoft initially promised a fix, due to arrive in an upcoming release. The firm then decided against it, likely due to the age of the involved processors.

In June 2018, Microsoft instead modified the known issues article to remove any mention of the issue, and now tell users suffering from this bug to updater their device to a new processor which supports SSE2. In other words, pound sand.

Now, to be fair to Microsoft, the processor is nearly 20 years old at this point and Windows 7 is at the end of its life. Perhaps its time for users on those older machines to indeed move on to something newer, or get used to being unsupported.

Via Fossbytes.

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