Microsoft is going to give users of the Microsoft News app the choice to hide any News Publishers that they are not interested in, according to ALumia. The process of hiding news Publishers will be very easy — all you’ll have to do is click on the three-dot view on the bottom left corner of the news headline and then you’ll see the option to hide the publisher. Needless to say, this will block all the news from appearing in your news feed. You can check out the below .gif file to develop more understanding of how the feature works.

And in case you want to reverse your decision, you’ll also be able to Unhide the news publisher. This means Microsoft News app will longer block news from the publisher and, therefore, you’ll again start seeing news from the publisher that you just unblocked.

The process of unblocking a news publisher is also quite easy — all you have to do is go to Settings > Hidden Publishers, and then you’ll now see the list of news publishers that you blocked. You’ll see an Unhide button beside every news publisher you blocked. Hit the unhide button to unblock the publisher.

The feature seems to be in the developmental stage and is not live for the public. This means you and I cannot hide a news publisher from Microsoft News.