Microsoft named market leader in IDC’s Worldwide MarketScape for Industrial IoT

June 25, 2019

IDC recently published its 2019 Vendor Assessment report for Industrial IoT in energy and manufacturing sectors. After evaluating 11 vendors, IDC named Microsoft as the market leader. This report will not surprise anyone as Microsoft continues to innovate and invest in IoT and edge technologies. Last year, Microsoft announced that it will invest about $5 billion in IoT and related technologies by 2022.

Microsoft right now offers IoT products in three categories: Azure IoT Platform (Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Edge, Azure Digital Twins, Azure Maps, Azure Time Series Insights, Azure Sphere,
and Windows IoT), Azure IoT Solutions (Azure IoT Central and Azure IoT Solution Accelerators), and Azure IoT Vertical Accelerators for various industries. IDC mentioned the following as the strengths of Microsoft’s IoT offerings:

  • Momentum within industrial sector for IoT: Microsoft Azure is gaining significant ground in industrial IoT. This is evident in the decision of many industrial vendors choosing to leverage
    Azure IoT services for their own industrial IoT platforms, as well as the fact that many end-user organizations put Azure IoT on their short list when choosing to build their own solutions inhouse.
  • Partnerships and install base: Most operational technology providers have partnered with Microsoft in some form for manufacturing. Microsoft also has a strong presence in
    manufacturing from an IT standpoint. Through Microsoft’s partnerships with OT providers, the vendor can offer manufacturers solutions to address IT and OT needs.
  • Edge strategy: Microsoft has a broad strategy to support edge computing that spans hardware and software across a variety of form factors and use cases. Microsoft has open sourced
    Azure IoT Edge, making it easier for a broad variety of hardware providers to adopt their middleware. This is important due to the very heterogeneous nature of manufacturing
    environments at the IoT edge.

You can read the full report from the link below.

Source: IDC

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