Microsoft MSN Cutting Contractors To Increase Full-Time Employees



MSN Windows 8

New reports emerged today saying that Microsoft is cutting the number of contractors who work at MSN. The move was as a result of the reorganization within Microsoft which was announced in July. Microsoft confirmed that MSN full-time employees are not affected and in fact they are planning to increase the FTE count at MSN.

There are “lots of increased investments going on,” said Brian MacDonald, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Apps, Media and Publishing group, which includes MSN and Bing Apps. “We are increasing the full time staffing and permanent spend by converting some vendor dollars.

“Total dollars spent in the Puget Sound area is increasing on MSN and the Bing apps,” he said. “This is a line item budget shift but absolutely not a spend reduction for cost savings.”

There is no clear information on how many full-time employees are to be recruited and how many contractors who worked at MSN and Bing Apps are fired.

Source: Seattle Times

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