Microsoft’s Movies and TV app now supports Windows Timeline


16, 2018

Microsoft has updated the Movies and TV app (Films and TV) for Windows 10 Fast Ring Insiders on Skip Ahead to version 10.18081.1041.0 in the Microsoft Store.

The update brings support for the Windows Timeline feature, which means a searchable history of your activity in the app will be generated, also available from your mobile devices. Microsoft is looking to bring their movie service to mobile devices, meaning users will be able to start watching a video on one device and continue it on another.

Helpfully the update also brings support for Movies Anywhere, meaning you can purchase a movie on one service and watch it on another.

The full changelog reads:

  • Added Timeline support: The movie and TV viewing history is available in the Windows Timeline
  • Introduced support for Movies Anywhere (USA): Add your purchases to the “Movies Anywhere” collection and watch them on any supported device

As the service expands I am sure many of our readers will agree the need for an incognito mode becomes increasingly clearer.

Movies and TV updates are installed automatically on your PC, but you can force it from the Store link here.

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