Microsoft might soon rename the Windows Store to Microsoft Store in Windows 10

Microsoft announced quite a lot of new products for its education audience at its #MicrosoftEDU event yesterday. Interestingly enough, Microsoft could be renaming the Windows Store in Windows 10 sometime soon as well. The company recently updated the documentation for Windows Store for Business and Education, which replaces the “Windows Store” name with “Microsoft Store.”

This doesn’t seem like an error from the company, as “Microsoft Store” is mentioned across multiple documentation pages on the company’s official documentation website. For instance, the main documentation for Microsoft Store for Business and Education states:

“Welcome to the Microsoft Store for Business and Education! You can use Microsoft Store to find, acquire, distribute, and manage apps for your organization or school. You can also work with developers to create line-of-business apps that are only available to your organization. IT admins can sign up for the Microsoft Store for Business and Education, and get started working with apps.”

At the moment, the change is only affecting businesses and Microsoft’s education customers. However, don’t be too surprised if Microsoft actually renames the Windows Store to Microsoft Store for everyone. The company quietly merged with the Windows Store on the web which is found here: As a result, users can now buy apps and buy products like Surface from the same website and that might soon be the case for users on Windows 10.

Whether Redmond actually plans on rolling out the new name for the Windows Store to regular consumers is unknown, but we have reached out to Microsoft for more details on the change and we’ll make sure to update this article once we have more information. However, combining both of the stores into one centralized store seems to be a good way forward for Microsoft as users will be able to manage things like their Office 365 subscriptions, buy new Microsoft hardware and get apps and other experiences for those devices from one centralized store: the Microsoft Store.

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