Microsoft Might Face Trademark Lawsuit For ‘OneDrive’ Name Too

One Drive

Microsoft recently announced renaming its cloud storage service SkyDrive to OneDrive after trademark lawsuit with British satellite broadcaster BSkyB over the name. While there was a overwhelmingly positive response to OneDrive name, Microsoft might still face some trademark suits in different countries where OneDrive name is already in use. listed few of those companies which uses OneDrive name already,

  •  It is the name of a bolt designed by an Australian company called Zipbolt called the OneDrive 15.200.
  • There is a product called OneDrive from an Austin-based company called KLD Energy. It is a propulsion and generation system for electric vehicles.
  • There is a Portuguese car parts importer and distributor, who is also called OneDrive.
  • ONEDrive is the name of upcoming software from DataONE – or the Data Observation Network for Earth.
  • In New Zealand, OneDrive is a car-rental service for businesses that are members of OneFocus – which is now the Universal Business Team as the OneFocus domain now redirects to the UBT website.
  • There is an API called OneDrive that is available on GitHub.

Apart from the above, COO revealed to Neowin that his company is now “consulting trademark experts” regarding Microsoft rebranding of SkyDrive to OneDrive. is a cloud drive provider and they argue that “OneDrive, from Microsoft, is a similar product – with a similar name, that will lead to confusion.”

None of the above respective companies have filed a trademark lawsuit over OneDrive name, but it may happen. I hope Microsoft does not lose this time.