Microsoft might be adding document sharing ability to the Windows 10 GroupMe app


Google is often needled for having several different competing apps to accomplish the same thing, but Microsoft’s Skype team is just as good in that department.

According to a report originating from WindowsBlogItalia who allegedly have access to internal versions of the app, Microsoft is improving the GroupMe app so that users can now send not just pictures and gifs, but documents as well.


As is demonstrated in the image above, once the app update is installed, users are able to send Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents to other users of the service.

Microsoft is evolving its communication products under its Skype umbrella to embrace what it sees as future of communication, with GroupMe acting more like a traditional messenger app and Skype being Microsoft’s own cross-platform windows into a bot filled world.

While it would be a logical step to fold GroupMe into Skype proper and add its Gif and Image search features to Skype clients on iOS, Android and Windows 10. Microsoft has continued developing the app as a separate app – perhaps to avoid a dilution on the Skype Brand.

Microsoft is also working on  a Slack Competitor under the Skype Brand as well – although it is currently unknown whether it intends to launch the app soon or keep developing it internally for years like it’s OneClip app.

You can download GroupMe for Windows 10 from the store link below.

Developer: Skype
Price: Free