Microsoft and Meta announce integration between Workplace and Teams

November 10, 2021
Microsoft Teams Meta Workplace

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Microsoft Teams Meta Workplace

Meta (previously known as Facebook) today announced new integrations  between Workplace and Microsoft Teams.

First, employees can now access content from Workplace within Teams without having to switch back and forth between the two apps. Within Teams, users can just click the Workplace app on the left sidebar to stay up to date with important information from Workplace.

Second, employees will be able to stream from Teams Meetings into Workplace groups. This will allow employees to watch live meetings and events on whichever app they are using, or catch up later by watching a recording on Workplace.

“One thing I learned from the pandemic is that companies don’t just rely on one tool to get their work done, so it is our responsibility as leaders in the space to make sure the tools they use integrate and interoperate with each other,” said Jeff Teper, CVP Product & Engineering, Microsoft Teams.

“We have a shared vision of offering our customers choice and flexibility, so it made sense for us to come together to help our mutual customers unlock collaboration and break down silos within their organizations.”

Teams and Workplace customers can try both these integrations for free. The Workplace content integration within Teams is available today. The ability to stream meetings and broadcasts from Teams into Workplace will be available in 2022.

Source: Meta

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