Microsoft may soon announce Surface Laptop SE 2 with new Intel Alder Lake N processor

January 16, 2023
Surface Laptop SE 2

Microsoft announced the first-generation Surface Laptop SE almost two years ago, and now the Redmond tech giant seems to be considering a sequel to that product. Microsoft has been working on the Surface Laptop SE 2 successor for some time, and the company is reportedly not very far from bringing it to the market.

According to prominent Microsoft journalist Zac Bowden, Surface Laptop SE 2 is ready to launch soon. Zac did not reveal the exact date, but his sources have revealed that the second-generation Surface Laptop SE will be powered by the new Alder Lake N-series processor, which Intel announced at CES 2023. Aside from the processing unit, the Laptop SE 2 specifications are unknown.

At $249, Surface Laptop SE is an entry-level computing device from Microsoft designed mainly for students and educators. Its successor will be no different, but it will hopefully come with better performance. In short, it could be the Surface Laptop SE we already know, but better.

The first-generation Surface Laptop SE packed an Intel Celeron processor, but now that Intel has planned to replace it alongside Pentium with the new N-series chip, it makes sense that Microsoft has decided to use Intel’s latest entry-level computing chip.

If Zac’s sources are accurate, Microsoft could be among the first PC manufacturers that adopted the Alder Lake N-series CPU. Assuming it to be true, Microsoft is unlikely to hold a dedicated press event to announce the device. Just like the last time, Microsoft will possibly reveal the Surface Laptop SE 2 to the world via a press release detailing everything you get under the hood.

Do you own the Surface Laptop SE? If yes., what improvements do like to see in the Surface Laptop SE 2 device? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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