Microsoft may not release Surface Duo 3 this year

by Rahul
February 2, 2022

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Microsoft released the second-generation Surface Duo last year, and while the dual-screen foldable phone offered a lot of improvements over its predecessor, it didn’t get an encouraging response from users and reviewers. However, all of that is unlikely to stop Microsoft from launching a third-generation Surface Duo.

According to Zac Bowden from Windows Central, Microsoft has plans to launch Surface Duo 3, but the company is unlikely to release it this year. Instead, the company is planning to launch the device sometime next year, though the exact date is unknown.

On the bright side, Microsoft is said to improve the overall user experience of the current Surface Duo and Duo 2. Microsoft may also add some new features to the Surface Duo devices, but Zac didn’t share the timeline of when we’ll see new features arriving for Microsoft’s dual-screen foldable phone.

While Microsoft releasing the Duo 3 next year will upset a lot of fans, it might be a good thing as the company will get more time to improve on a lot of things. For instance, the company might get rid of the annoying camera bump, much like Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra.

We haven’t heard anything about what improvements and new features the next-generation Surface Duo 3 will offer, but users will appreciate features such as support for wireless charging and thin bezels. We’re also expecting an improved software experience since the Surface Duo 3 will run Android 12L out of the box. Meanwhile, you’ll keep you posted about all the latest leaks and rumors about the new Duo 3, so stay tuned.

Surface Duo 2 hinge
Microsoft Surface Duo 2 hinge

If you’re a Surface Duo user., what improvements do you want Microsoft to add to Surface Duo 3. You can let us know in the comments section.

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